Frequent Questions

Why is Greenbelt Organic Greens a good choice?
We are grown locally near Hamilton, Ontario and are available year-round. Our bright and dense coloured salad greens are harvested every day. Our flavours are rich and mellow and our textures are smooth and crunchy. Because of our unique live soil, nutrient levels are higher than what’s typically found in spring mix salad. We’re also Eco-Cert certified organic.
What makes your salad greens healthier and more delicious than others?
We use natural soil that includes biological activity naturally supporting healthy, flavourful growth. It's like good gut health supporting good human health. Active soil biology enables garden-fresh flavour, often absent from conventional foods. Shipping locally also reduces the time between harvest and consumption, so the fresher the greens, the more nutrients they contain.
Are you fully organic?
We are certified organic by Eco-Cert. They ensure companies follow industry standard best practices and inspect for animal manure, fungicide and pesticide use in the soil. Our seeds are also certified organic and laboratory-tested to ensure there is no pathogen or GMO contamination.
What about food safety?
What about food safety?We are GFSI certified by Canada GAP. Canada GAP monitors that Good Agricultural Practices are used ensuring your safety. We also employ a test and hold practice, meaning that product is not released from our facility until it has been determined to be pathogen and bacteria free.
Why do your greens last longer than others?
State-of-the-art, gentle mechanical harvesting minimises harmful bruising. A Canadian-made sanitation tunnel cleans and disinfects all our leaves with ozone and ultraviolet light, avoiding the use of harmful chlorine. A flash air chiller quickly brings our leaves down to the perfect storage temperature and an automatic package filler quickly and accurately fills and securely seals containers with our pre-chilled greens. A conveyor then quickly moves the packages to our refrigerated shipping room.
Do I need to wash your product?
Our greens are sanitised after they’re harvested, but not washed. You may wash if you’d like
How are you environmentally responsible?
Reducing, reusing and recycling our resources is considered in all management decisions and is a top priority for our company. Through innovation and with technology, we’ve developed a system to reduce energy, water, supplies, packaging, and waste.