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Ontario Spring Mix

Happy, healthy plants taste sweeter, you can taste the difference in our greens.

From under the sun, straight to your plate, our Spring Mix of lettuce is the tastiest and healthiest spring mix salad you can feed your family in Ontario. It's grown in our warm and sunny greenhouse and harvested daily, just outside of Hamilton. Local, organic produce is always your tastiest and most nutritious choice.

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We’re committed to organic farming and continue to explore new and innovative ways to make healthy food accessible to our local communities. Thank you for letting us help you feed your family.

Hand stitched, orange leather long wallet.

Ontario Super Crunch

Super Crunch has the hearty flavour profile and nutrient density you want from a farmers market stall and the light fluffy ease of a quick city meal.

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Hand stitched, orange leather long wallet.

Ontario Arugula

ight and spicy! Our arugula shines, solo or as backup. On its own, the small, tender leaves are fresh and spicy, perfect with the simplest of salad dressings.

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Hand stitched, orange leather long wallet.

Ontario Sweet Kale

Kale, for people who hate kale. These dark green baby leaves are tender and light, no massaging necessary. They keep their shape and are perfect for hearty dressings like caesar or to mix into other salads.

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